When you whack off and cum in your hand, then you run up to someone, slap them in the face with your salty hand and shout "Seagulled!"
I sure do love seagulling. Matt seagulled me and now my cheek feels so fertile.
by jamthemaninspacewithamonkey March 20, 2006
When there are lines of drugs available, it's not your turn, but everyone is talking too much shit to realise it's there.

It is 100% acceptable to swoop in and and do their line, as long as you make the noise "CAAAAAAAAWWW!" beforehand.
"Mate ,did he just do my line?!"

"Yeah, he went seagulling. Tough shit"
by Dangle Dude July 1, 2017
When watching others have sex in a car, you wank off and spunk on the wind screen then run away.
I was walking through a car park and saw a couple getting it on, I had no choice really. A bit of seagulling was in order so I knocked one out and seagulled them!!!
by KamMan April 16, 2013
A ritual which is popular in all-male prisons, whereby said inmate ejaculates into his palm and throws it at the next unsuspecting prison guard who walks past his cell.
"Yo dude, you gotta keep seagulling that screw!
by Mel "Homey" Howells September 12, 2006
When guys swarm all over a drunk/single girl at a bar/club/party like seagulls at the beach fighting over scraps of food.
Look at those losers seagulling the hell out of that drunk chick.
by JAlexander February 15, 2012
When a group of two or more men stumble upon a drunk or otherwise incapacitated female and descend upon her in order to sexually assault or rape her, much like seagulls flock and dive to the surface for scraps of food.
A group of three men found a woman passed out in a dark alley with no one around and decided they were going to begin seagulling her by taking turns.
by xerobane February 22, 2018
Repeating the same thing over and over, especially in a large group, expecting the repetition to sway others or to have some added authority or power. Found especially in online debate communities when rules are cited repeatedly to silence an opposing viewpoint. From the movie, "Finding Nemo"
I tried to get them to listen to me, but they just kept seagulling rules and logical fallacies at me.
by Zalphaprime May 30, 2014