Demomans drink of choice
Demoman: this bottle of scrumpy is delicious *drinks*

by le phantom bread April 30, 2020
1. An item in Team Fortress 2 that are Demoman's favorites
2. Food that is delicious
Demoman 1: Oh I need a drink!
Demoman 2: Yea!
Demoman 1: Scrumpy!
Demoman 2: Yes.
*And so the scottish begins.*
An adjective describing someone who steals apples on a regular basis.
e.g) The poachers of the apple world
Farmer: Did that guy just steal my apples, that scrumpy son of a bitch!!!
by stuartking March 31, 2009
a rough cider with chokeable sized lumps in
that scrumpy looked the same coming up as going down
by :o) April 25, 2003
Obama’s looking extra scrumptious but Trump’s looking a little scrumpy.
by SCRUMPYGALS June 16, 2019
When you take a dump and it scratches you on the way out. Commonly happens after eating large quantities of corn.
"Oh man, I'm going to need a whole lotta' toilet paper after passing this scrumpy!"

"Quick, some aspirin! I'm having a scrumpy!"
by toounit May 10, 2009