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(adj) To be economical, frugal, or smart with your money.

(v) To save money; to get a great deal
"John uses lots of coupons--he's pretty scrimple."

"Scrimple that store, yo. Get the deal. Get the coupon."
by Matt A.* August 10, 2007
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A Scrimple is a term used to describe a minuscule amount of something. Mostly used when it's the last bit of something which won't really do the job but it will have to do.
Spud: Tea anyone?
Edward: Ohh, yes please (in a very British accent)!
Spud: *checks milk* ... Ed, you still want tea? There's only a scrimple amount of milk left
Dave: Yeah that will do!
by Sir. SpudLock July 31, 2019
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a word that can be used in any context.
it can be used as an adj, noun, verb.. anything.
"can i scrimple that ciggy?"
"lets go scrimple up change and get a coke."
"i cant believe i scrimpled that nasty chick last night."
"that cop needs to stop scrimpling on us."
"i got so drunk the other night, i went home and scrimpled all over the bed."
etc, etc...
by MightyyMuhFkknMousee May 14, 2011
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A pimple on a scrotum.
Every time I put my underwear on is hurts because I chafe my scrimple.

Dude, I just sat down too hard and popped a scrimple.

I used olive oil as lube and now I have mad scrimples.
by poopsypoop December 08, 2010
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