a classy girl who has a low tolerance on alcohol and gets drunk really fast.
That girl doesn't need a lot of alcohol to have a good time, she's quite an economical date.

Dude 1: "oh you get drunk off of one beer, you must be a cheap date"
Classy Girl: "No, I'm not cheap, I'm just economical."
by Nedz February 11, 2008
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The allocation of scarce resources that have alternative uses.
Everyone should have a basic understanding of economics to be an educated citizen
by Thomas Sowell July 7, 2005
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The study of choice in the face of scarcity.
Ignorant people who post idiotic definitions have scarce resources.
by Adam Smith April 25, 2005
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time when the economy is struggling due to selfish or greedy law makers
"She isn't very hard on us about selling yearbook ads because of the economicness."
by abbie martin May 5, 2009
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A last name of a greek family, usually consisting of a sexy, smart, and all round perfect middle child named Kristian.
Yo shawty, you part of the economou family?
Ye, but I wish I was Kristian
by Mumslovleypasta December 25, 2020
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Economics is a social science, that is concerned with meeting 'unlimited demands with only scarce resources'. Economics relies on the assumption that everyone wants more and more money, goods and services = we are all a bunch of greedy mo' fo's. Hence the concept is accurate, and will continue to be taught in colleges everwhere for years to come. Noteable masters include the venerable Daddy G, of Peterborough fame.
A: how much are these bananas?
B: £2
A: Fine, I buy them off that illegal immigrant for £1.50

Hence the laws of Supply and Demand are and the concept of economics is satisfied.
by Whittlesey Warrior May 27, 2006
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The study of fufilling ones unlimited wants using the Earth's limited resources.
"It's pure economics! Since our resource of TV writers is scarce, we're stuck with crappy reality shows!"
by Xopher April 20, 2005
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