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An eye sausage is a non-technical way to describe the transparent strings which float and drift in your eye. The jelly-like floating substance can form many shapes such as strings, webs, circles and in this instance curvey sausages.
Scholesy: Corr, I keep seeing eye sausages
Chris: Jeez, Scholesy, your vision must be going

Scholesy: You know, it's not a good sign seeing eye sausages floating around
by Sir. SpudLock October 2, 2019
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A Scrimple is a term used to describe a minuscule amount of something. Mostly used when it's the last bit of something which won't really do the job but it will have to do.
Spud: Tea anyone?
Edward: Ohh, yes please (in a very British accent)!
Spud: *checks milk* ... Ed, you still want tea? There's only a scrimple amount of milk left
Dave: Yeah that will do!
by Sir. SpudLock July 31, 2019
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A geezer is a descriptive word in the UK which is used to define a mans characteristics. A geezer will be found usually out side a pub with a pint in his hand on match day. They commonly like football, scrapping, beer, tea, tits, and Barry white. Geezers often acknowledge other geezers by a greeting each other by saying geezer followed by a nod and a thumbs up.
Nigel: Alright geezer how much is a can of red stripe
Charles: For you nothing my friend because your a top geezer
Nigel: arr Cheers geeze *nod* *thumbs up*

Charles: *nod* *thumbs up*
by Sir. SpudLock March 7, 2015
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