A coupon is someone that tries to get an advantage in their favour or is unfair in how they act.

Uses: to coup someone, to use coupon methods, to be a coupon
Why you coupin'?
by Devon June 10, 2004
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an extremely ugly and usually overweight female. A coupon is meant to lessen the cost for the user (ex. splitting a cab). Not unlike their namesake, a coupon embarrasses the user and is a pain in the ass to carry around. Once the user arrives at the destination (usually the bar), the coupon has been expired and hopefully retreats into the dark night.
hey Adam, let's go use those coupons. I only have $20 to spend tonight.
by Buzzz Killington April 7, 2008
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I got a coupon on my way home from work today.
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
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The word coupon originated from the actions of a one person; Sean Daschko. So intense were the actions of Mr. Daschko's 'Coupon' methods that a definition was created to fit this unusual behavior. To be a 'Coupon', or to use 'Coupon Methods' is to effectively take advantage of your surroundings in order to enhance ones own private needs.
Sean Dashcko went to Subway and used Coupon Methods in order to obtain an irregular amount of Subway Stamps to recieve a free foot-long Subway sandwich.

Billy then replied, "Sean, stop being such a Coupon."

"Yeah man, whats with your Coupon Methods these days?" Brian asked.
by Matthew McLeod July 15, 2004
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