David Tennant Scottish actor the has played the 10th doctor, Emmet Carver and DI Hardy. There's no denying your love for him once you've seen him.
David Tennant is so sexy.
Why can't David Tennant come to the US more often?

Allons-y with David Tennant
by DavidTennantAllons-y January 8, 2015
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Witty and classically trained Scottish actor with extensive skills using accents and voices, worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, famous for playing highly strung/insane/hilarious characters. Can do just about anything. He recently portrayed Casanova, has just become the 10th Doctor and is about to hit the screens as Barty Crouch Jnr.
Bloody hell that David Tennant's good. I barely recognised him.
by Clare!!!!!!!!!! September 26, 2005
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Born April 18th 1971. The most gorgeous Doctor Who since 1963. Scottish, but does the English accent so well you couldn't tell.

He first appeared on Doctor Who as the caretaker (voice) on Scream of the Shalka, however, his first role as The Doctor was on 18th June 2005, as he regenerated from Christopher Eccleston's Doctor.

Also played Barty Crouch Jr in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Girl #1: That scot is HOT. Who is he?
Girl #2: OH MY GOD! It's totally David Tennant!
by v.i.c.k.y November 4, 2006
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David Tennant is a Scottish actor who has played half of all characters ever created but is especially known for the Tenth Doctor, DI Hardy and the demon Crowley. The last role especially is often considered his sexiest for obvious reasons
David Tennant strutted around a lot on the Good Omens set

Oh my God! Have you SEEN David Tennant as Crowley?
by FlamingBentleyGoVroom September 13, 2020
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David Tennant is simply...SEX. There is no other way to describe that perfect men. Super skinny, perfect bone structure, amazing accent(both natural scottish, and Doctor Who English), amazing actor, and just all around great guy.
OH isn't David Tennant just sex personified?
by OHhowIloveThee January 7, 2011
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The sexiest actor ever. Scottish, lean, tall, brilliant, devilishly good looking, can display every emotion in the book on that handsome face of his, remains absolutely adorable while still being so very sexy, and has been referred to as "David Ten-Inch Tennant", for...obvious reasons ;)
I wish I could get a man...
Really? I wish I could get David Tennant!
by wellisntthatwizard! July 29, 2011
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The only man it is ok to go gay for i mean great actor handsome as fuck and lets not for get he was one if not the greatest doctor he make grown as men fan girl over him if god is real it is this man.
by a dude who might nail his ex's September 8, 2013
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