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The Country that’s Above And on Top of England In every respect.
Jesus: But Father you have created this wonderous land with beautiful scenery and natural wonders, why are you so generous to these people?
God: Yes my Son! But wait untill you see the Neighbours I am giving them!
Scotland is the country on top
by william the wallace March 15, 2006

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a much more effective way to say shit
YOURE talking SHITE!
by william the wallace February 24, 2006

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The Lost Celtic Country,It is not an EnglishCountyas the anglo-saxon conspiracy woiuld have you believe. It is the DUCHY of Cornwall.Closely related to their cousins the Welsh{Cymru}and the Bretons in Brittany western Franceand second cousins to the Irish Eire,the Manx and of course the Scottish Alba Those who chose to ridicule this ancient race are simply jealous usually Anglo saxons, that Foreign Germanic race who do not belong on these islands(Ever notice that ALL the Celtic Lands are Outstandingly Beautiful Whilst England is mostly bland flat featureless wasteland?) and no! I am not Cornish but i am a Celt

ps, This before some smart arse(saxon)posts an entry gushing lyrically about The Lake District being a gorgeous part of England .Well Sorry to kick you in the Germanic Bollocks once again BUT you see Cumbria is also Celtic so piss off back to the Low Countries.
Cornwall is Great. Fantastic People and Great Pasties oh and marvelous Beaches ,Good Weather
by william the wallace March 11, 2006

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Term Once applied Meaning 'Quality', refers to the once thriving Shipbuilding industry on the River ClydeIn Scotland GreenockClydebankGlasgowwhere home to most of the Clyde Shipyards
Had the Titanic been Clydebuilt it would still be afloat!
''I thought it was built in Ireland?''
Yea! nuff said!
by william the wallace February 25, 2006

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Former Spice girl.an annoying scrawny ugly media whore who has no talent.Constantly features in British Tabloids walking out of designer shops wearing black goggles. Her Current claim to fame is that she is married to an Overpaid English footballer now nearing the end of his career.
''Aw man this paper has nothing but bad news in it''
''Oh hold on! Here's a picture of Posh Spice wearing a designer frock, we're saved!''
by william the wallace March 20, 2006

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Why Do the Scots spell it without the ''E'',
Because We Invented it thats why! ,originally called uisge beatha ''water of life'', in the Gaelic Tongue.
whisky is great! beware of imitations! no added ''E''colours
by william the wallace March 16, 2006

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'The Highland Rogue' 18th Century Chancer Became known as a somewhat Robin Hood Type character for his daring do's and evasion of the law. Member of The Famous MacGregor Clan His nickname ie Red Robert, Raibeart Ruadh(rob roy) was due to his red hair.One of Scotlands Most Romaticised folk hero's
Some Fucker has stolen my cattle
I bet it was Rob Roy
by william the wallace March 05, 2006

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