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According to most people who actually read and study history professionally, is by far the worst president of the US. Bush involved the the US in two quagmires in the Middle East on borrowed money from China, did nothing about illegal immigration and corporate outsourcing, and ran up the largest debt in history, and alienated most of the world. His lack luster efforts to reform education and social security went nowhere.
George W. Bush made Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon look like exceptional leaders.
by coloneljackmustard March 31, 2011
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A period of fun, after losing one's job, living on state funded benefits which will eventually run out. Best not to milk funemployment too much.
When people are having the time of their life living on funemployment, they should keep in mind the longer they remain unemployed the more difficult it will be to find a job. And the period after funemployment is anything but fun.
by coloneljackmustard March 31, 2011
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Magical land of rugged highlands, misty castles, white sandy beaches, verdant green landscapes, endless stone walls, dotted with sheep and age old cottages to the north of England. With its meteor showers and northern lights, the night sky in Scotland is truely beautiful. Through the ages, it has produced some of the most brillant writers, philosophers, scientists, inventors, and actors in the world.

Scotland is distinct from England, as it has its own history, literature, legal system, educational system, building style, and heros.
Sean Connery, David Tennant, and Karen Gillan are some of the finest actors to come from Scotland in recent times.
by coloneljackmustard March 6, 2013
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A pagan god worshiped by the far left of the Democratic party and young naive students with little experience in the real world.
Barrack Obama has failed the nation and his support base in all ways and on all levels. Under his watch, the economy has gone from bad to worse due to corporate bailouts and Obamacare. Wars continue in Iraq and Afganistan almost three years after he said would remove the U.S. military presence.
by coloneljackmustard November 3, 2011
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Scottish actress best known for playing the character Amy Pond in the Nu Doctor Who series. Unlike many modern day actresses she is beautiful, talented, intelligent, and down to earth. She also challenges the sterotype that gingers are fugly.
Karen Gillan is the best thing to come out of Scotland in ages.
by coloneljackmustard October 26, 2011
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Under rated and under appreciated near great president between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Adams was an honest and brillant president who established the American Navy and resisted attempts by partisians to push the young Republic into an unnecessary war. Putting integrity over politics, Adams kept many of the previous administrations appointments to the cabinet and other government offices. This proved to be a mistake as many of these officials mainted their loyality to Alexander Hamiltion and worked to undermine the Adams administration from with in. When Jefferson defeated Adams, in the election of 1800, it marked a peaceful transition of power. Something unheard of in most of the world at the time.
In recent years, historians have revised their view of John Adams.
by coloneljackmustard February 15, 2013
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One of the coolest sports ever developed in world history. Cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, dream great dreams, think great thoughts, meet interesting people, explore diverse regions, see the countryside, or just cruise down the road in a zen like state. Traveling at speeds on average from 10 to over 40 mph, cycling is an efficent, healthy, and green mode of transport. In the 21st century, the sport has become increasingly popular thorough out the globe, with the construction of thousands of miles of cycling paths in North America and Europe such as the East Coast Greenway and the Euro Velo.
Breaking Away is a great coming of age film centered around the sport of cycling.
by coloneljackmustard May 25, 2012
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