One of many ways to start a YouTube comment war.
Man: CoD is great!

Woman: Your opinions are stupid.

Man: Your face is stupid!
by SupaleegamingX July 23, 2014
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When she thinks her statements are true when they are not
Opinions :when She thinks she is the smartest person and knows when people are out of pocket.
by Bigbootyterra May 29, 2017
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Opinions are an excuse for people to do whatever they want, like whatever sucks, and settle with less than ideal. Therefore, opinions are for idiots.

Now that sounds invalid because it "is an opinion" but the statement is not actually invalid. An opinion is a taste or statement that exists outside of the realm of definable, measurable facts, and is therefore not tied at all to validity, reality, or truth. This means that an "opinion" is often glorified "wishful thinking". People claim they have the right to opinions, but that's like claiming the right to be stupid. Okay sure, you have that right. It's just going to cause real and measurable problems.

Just because you like something (and therefore have a positive opinion on it) does not mean that it functions, does not mean it helps others, does not mean it doesn't destroy things, and ESPECIALLY does not mean that it is of good taste-- "taste" being virtually impossible to measure concretely, so I shall leave explaining it out of this paragraph.

An opinion always counters honesty, education, and taste in the name of fantasy and emotions. When everyone thinks and communicates with other people with no inserted opinions, life gets a lot more functional and people are happier. Opinions are for idiots-- for people who want to justify any or all things that are less than ideal.
Dick: Opinions are stupid.

Bob: That was an opinion, moron.

Dick: So if I say "the sky is blue", is that an opinion?

Bob: Well duh.

Dick: Well, under that logic, you can't disprove my "opinion" that opinions are stupid, so what the fuck is your point? Mine is that "opinions are stupid" is still a valid and theoretically-functional statement.

Bob. Fuck off.
by MTPrower November 2, 2011
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Things that are the genesis of evil acts.
German Guy: “The world would be a better place without the Jews. Those are my opinions!”
Adolf Hitler: “Make Germany and all of Europe Jew-free!”
by MikeFullman July 10, 2018
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Something that people should keep to themselves when writing a definition for UrbanDictionary.
"99.9% of the definitions on this site are opinions."
"Isn't that an opinion in and of itself?"
by ...SARAH. March 15, 2008
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