Where two men, presumably gay, engage in pulling one man's foreskin over the other man's cockhead and one proceeds to whack off both men.
Bruce and Larry were schnoodling, and Bruce got a hood full of man goo.
by john crapper March 24, 2008
when two uncircumsized men stand facing eachother with thier penises touching and pull thier foreskin
Man1: Last nigh that schnoodling was great.
Man2: Yeah when we were rubbing our cocks
by THE HIGHLAND SCHIZO October 8, 2003
v. A suction technique common among ducks and similar waterfowl to extract bugs and grain from muddy water.
Those Muscovies over there have been schnoodling all day long!
by ObscuredOne April 14, 2008
When a person sucks ejaculate off of a body, usually a person's body; especially out of bodily hair.
"Sorry I just came all over your legs."
"It's okay honey, I'll schnoodle it off for you, after all you know how much I like schnoodling."
by Lisa It's Your Birthday November 13, 2006
by Anonymous November 2, 2003
a cross between a Schnauser and a Poodle, can also be used to indicate a dog has schnoodle in it
My Cocker Schnoodle is half Cocker Spaniel and half Schnoodle.
by Tromp September 3, 2007