A designer breed of dog. It is a mix between a schnauzer and a poodle.
Your schnoodle threw up in my car.
by Samantha543 July 6, 2005
Where two men, presumably gay, engage in pulling one man's foreskin over the other man's cockhead and one proceeds to whack off both men.
Bruce and Larry were schnoodling, and Bruce got a hood full of man goo.
by john crapper March 24, 2008
verb - 1. the act of 2 men one being circumsized and the other being uncircumsized where they pull the extra foreskin of the uncircumsized penis over the circumsized mans penis and proform masterbation in turns of both penises at that same time.

crude definiton - two gay men stand facing each other and you take their extension cords and plug them together "Huston we have dick sex!"

noun - 2. used as a title of action to explain someone's utter dislike for a situation, or idea.
1. "some gay men like to schnoodle while some prefer butt sex"

2. "dude that is gayer than schnoodling."
by METAL BLOOD July 9, 2009
when two uncircumsized men stand facing eachother with thier penises touching and pull thier foreskin
Man1: Last nigh that schnoodling was great.
Man2: Yeah when we were rubbing our cocks
by THE HIGHLAND SCHIZO October 8, 2003
Schnoodle, or Schnoodling is what you call it when one guy with a circumcised penis has a man with a un-circumcised penis retract his foreskin over both their penises for sick pleasure.
"That sick faggot Shem got caught schnoodling again, I reckon he will get done this time."

"Me & John are very close, we even schnoodle once and awhile."
by TylerLu April 13, 2008
a pimp ass dog that claims any hood any of you mother fuckers say is yours and will bust a cap in your ass for talkin shit
guy one: Dude is that a Schnoodle?
guy two: Yeah Fuck me!!!
by dopeman69 October 19, 2011
a soft, womanly hound that sleeps a lot and can't handle pills and pot
Damn you schnoodle you better wake up and have another pill!
by xxccvvbbss January 15, 2009