to take away. to claim anothers as yours in the act of grabbing it from them. to take away a girl from a guy, especially a really attractive girl, from a guy. preferably a bro

Ralph and Drew left the campsite to go Shwoopin
by sunnydaysandpinkbunnys July 10, 2008
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the act of getting your boob picked up or slapped by a foreign persons hand
"I got shwooped by Jessica today, I felt very violated"
by MeganDeebs December 17, 2007
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when a guy is a too chicken to actually ask you out so he slides in there and takes the role of boyfriend
Shwooped is like sliding in your DMs..but in reality.
by Gangsterp March 06, 2018
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to pick something up; to go somewhere. Common in Upstate New York.
1.) "I shwooped over to Walmart to pick up everyone before the party"
2.) "Oh snap! My dog just shwooped all the bud!"
3.) "You wanna shwoop to Main Street real quick? I gotta shwoop a blunt."
by Nigga Deee April 17, 2009
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To purposely take or "joox" a physical thing; to steal certain thing fro someone which changes hands easily.
"I wanna shwoops that lighter"
"I shwoopsed his girlfriend, bro (reffering to a non- intimate male companion).
"Suchhh Shwooopssss!!!"
"I'm on auto- shwoops!!"
by Shfinkel January 02, 2010
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The longest testicle hair located on a male scrotum.
When I was licking his balls a shwoop went up my nose.

balls testicle testy hair scrotum scrote
by BBLovely March 24, 2010
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