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Scabies are paradisaic mites. They crawl into the warm, dark crevices of the body to borrow under the skin to lay their eggs. The eggs hatch in 3-5 days and then breed, move on, and borrow into other places on the body, to repeat the cycle. Scabies cause an infection under the skin which appear as bumps, red, pimple-like irritations, swelling, blisters, or puss-filled vesicles, that break when you scratch them. People scratch them because they itch intensely, most severely at night. The itch escalates at night because the mites are nocturnal. The itchy infection is caused by the mites’ saliva; night is when the mites feed. These mites can only live for a couple of days alone, but with a body as a host, one female mite can live up to a month, harvesting many generations in that time, living on after her.
They spread from person to person usually from direct physical contact, though not necessarily. They can live in dust, bedding, towels, or clothing, just like any other mite, still transmittable for over three days. They are easily contracted from one person to another in crowded conditions, and more readily in less then hygienic of circumstances.
Because of their love for dark crevices, they are often found in the slits between the toes, armpits, in the fold underneath the breast, navels, genitals, and buttocks. Because they are commonly found in the genitalia and buttocks they are considered Sexually Transmitted, though you could get them from bed hopping, regardless of sexual encounter -Or another person being present in the bed at that time at all.
The condition is often compounded. The broken skin contracts other bacterial infections, most common, impetigo. Impetigo is a very contagious skin infection, said to be contracted more readily in those with scabies. It begins as tiny blisters, eventually bursting to reveal small wet patches of red skin that may ooze yellowish-brown pus. The bursts weep fluid that dries into a tan or “honey-glazed” scab that encrusts the soars.

The definition of “Scabie” is long- too long. But it gives the idea of how disgusting these parasites can be, giving illustration to the slang.

“Scabie” is an adjective describing someone, situation, or possibly generalized to an object. “Scabie” can be used synonymous with the word “Sketchy,” though more specific, and far more of an affront than a mere “Sketchy.”
A “Scabie” person, for example, is especially parasitic, doing something to another to their own benefit, or praying upon others. The wrongdoer transgresses all morality in a complete disregard to others. “Sketchy” is someone or a situation that you don’t trust, maybe that you raise an eyebrow to, where “Scabie”... If someone is “Scabie,” that’s down-right dirty!
“Scabie” is not only distrustful, but underhanded, cheating, scheming, rotten. -A person that will swindle you dry if they got the chance. The “Scabie” offender is Scandalous! Shameless! They are your scam-artists, liars politicians and lawyers.
In addition, because of it’s STD distinction, “Scabie” often can intend sexually sordid as well.
Person: You know my friend Dave? At the party last weekend, that Scabie Fuck messed around with my cousin!

People: I don’t go to that bar anymore. It’s a total meat-market. -All those Scabie guys hanging on ya... Nasty.

Place: My roommate wanted to move there. Just last weekend some guy stoped me and asked if I wanted a bump. The West Sides, totally Scabie.

Dramatized: That bastard drank all my beer and ate all my macaroni and cheese. Dude is so Scabie sometimes.
by Laura Gio September 03, 2005
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1.An annoying person. Something that gets on your nerves.

2.Could also be a nice way to talk to someone in a joking way.
1.Stop talking to me you scabie.

2.Awww you are such a scabie.
by Steven Wanderlich February 24, 2005
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