Scabies is a very itchy skin condition caused by tiny mites that burrow into your skin.
I have scabies, and I had severe itching last night, because of it. Damn mites.
by Allizard April 22, 2008
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bugs that defecate and urinate under your skin
reason no. 841 to practice safe sex (Dude, I finally got laid last week and look...)
by etlkj November 15, 2003
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The Scabies, an '80's 'Wuss Rock' band founded by four brothers of indeterminate sexuality hailing from London's East End
I bought an old Scabies tape from the Record Mart bargain bin.
by Count Jackovsky October 22, 2003
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somthin that you will never live down
"dude, you have scabies"
by sam November 6, 2003
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a disgusting disease inherited by hot camp couselours during the summer of 2002, usually found on the chocha
scabies on her chocha!!!
by numerouno February 6, 2003
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some ill sidistic shit that live in ur pubic bone believe it or not they dont have any relation to spic babies
damn yo that bitch gave me sum sca bay bays last night when i put my dick in her verticle smile i cant belive i have scabies now
by cody decesare January 21, 2008
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