When your penis remains flaccid leading up to sexual intercourse, your last 'hail mary' is to fold your penis is half in an attempt to jam it in; hoping the mere friction will stimulate blood flow.
I was all out of options with Karen last night, so I tried the fold...
by jim jeffcoat October 17, 2019
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when you like someone and start to catch feelings for real. you are folding (falling for them basically).
Tim: I'm folding hard rn.
No, don't. she's a bitch.
by Uncle Jrff March 5, 2022
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1. a term used on tiktok for when you’re falling for someone.

2. giving up and trying to go back to your ex
1. his messages make me smile so much i’m folding

2. bro last night i folded and texted her
by jampuffs April 27, 2022
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To beat someone a$$/to fight/reck
"Let that nigga say sum else Ima fold his ass"
by QueenBrazy July 7, 2017
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To Get Played, Switched, Or Turned Down.
1. "She/He Folded When I Thought She/He Was Different"

2. "So You Gone Fold When I Trusted You?"
by Yvng TaCo June 30, 2016
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Fold means to switch up, bitch out, get finessed by someone, or to sellout
1. “She folded after everything we been through and everything I did for her”

2. “You a dumb bitch if you fold
by ixxy4w4 October 27, 2020
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When a person gets absolutely diseased or in other words gets their ass beat to another fuckin dimension, or their career was ended
Thanos folded half of the universe when he snapped his fingers
by King Lin Lin May 11, 2019
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