To enjoy something to a pleasing degree or to find something to your liking
Tim: We had Chicken last night, shit was SO savoury

Rob: Dude, we went to see Kick Ass, how come you didn't come with?
Jim: Nah man, I heard it weren't that savoury
by Afterscore May 10, 2010
an unwashed arse with remnants of poo, fluff and dust. extremely unpleasant, unhygenic and smelly.
'jesus wept! you've got a savoury arse! go and have a shower you pleb'
by sharonmoore September 14, 2006
A practical joke in which take an Olly Murs album (any will do) and the place it down your boxers, about an hour will do, and then place it on your mates face.
Mark: Dude has Steve wronged you recently?

James: I cant remember, why?

Mark: Because you totally Savoury Murs'ed him with his own Right place Right Time album.

James: Oh yeah he used my coffee mug and didn't wash it

Mark: He should have known better

James: Right
by Big D1991 November 21, 2012
This is the direct opposite of a Sweet Tooth.
If someone has a savoury tongue, they are a person that prefers savoury foods over sweet foods.
Tongue is referred to in this definition because "sAvOuRy ToOtH" just doesn't sound catchy. #IDontMakeTheRules
"I'm more of a sweet tooth tbh, but Michael is such a savoury tongue!"
"Sarah is a massive savoury tongue, she won't even chew gum!"
by Lexicognitive April 22, 2020
used to describe a penis that has already been used in intercourse and then offered for oral sex
"Dude, I hit that chink Kristal last night and when I was done doing her I offered her my savoury trouser trout as dessert.
by Joe Redifines The Universe August 6, 2008
Hey look at Dave eating that cheese savoury sandwich. He must be gay
by Matty365 January 12, 2023