Can I get some...

Sodas & etc.
Wow thats some strong rum, where's the chaser?

Yea can I hit that?-after you.
by hippyflippy November 15, 2006
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An excuse given when running late to work, wedding, party, etc. Instead of trying to make up something, you just say you hit a cat, that is why you're late. Hitting a cat wouldn't impact anything, in terms of time, so it's not an excuse, but more or less done to add amusement to the tardiness and delfect any heat you would get otherwise.
Text Message: Can we move our meeting till later in the day, I hit a cat on the way there.

Your boss: Lol, I was about to fire you, but this is clever, I'm going to reuse this.
by unodos November 13, 2013
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This is a phrase that is usually said at the end of a worthless story in an attempt to be funny.
Today, I dumped my boyfriend, threw his stuff out, burnt his pictures...and then I hit my dougie

I jumped off a cliff, smashed my brains...and then I hit my dougie
by J'adore UD September 03, 2010
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Ceæn eye HETE your vayp;

Can I give you a blowjob?


Can I suck thy ween?
Dude I’m so gay can I hit your vape?

Dude I’m literally gay too wtf Ofc you can bro
by Fernisnothere September 02, 2021
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A metaphorical way of a telling a gay or lesbian you are straight and have no desire or capacity for a same-sex hookup.
You tell a bi I switch hit, but only in baseball.
At the batting cage....
Lesbian standing outside cage: I just LOOOVEE the way you swing the bat left-handed. Can you hit lefty with me?
Me: Hell, no! I hit lefty, but only in baseball! I I throw righty.
by Stop the Pendulum April 08, 2006
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Doing something amazing. Commonly used in the video game world after hitting a dank trickshot.
by Sausy memer4 March 01, 2016
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