Incredibly talented BBC presenter. Unbiased, honest and hard working. Known also for his book 'Bouncing Back' Alan has gone from strength to strength. Catch phrase 'AAH HAA'More recently presenter on Radio Norwich. Other Partridgisms include: 'Back of the net' 'That hits the spot' 'In off the red' 'That's first class' 'There's alot to be said for a good Travel-Lodge'
Alan Partridge has made an impression Urban lingo despite being accused of being a 'spoof' (some say just Steve Coogan which he denies)
by Pimpmyescort May 6, 2006
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Alanpartridge26 is an amazing tiktoker with a few thousand followers! He is very funny and is a comedian and guitarist!
Have you heard of Alan partridge 26? His guitarist skills are incredible!
by Ruby d November 3, 2021
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