a phrase used by the weak minded to excuse themselves for being a complete dipshit until they have had a sufficient fix of caffeine.
You'll have to excuse me for not being able to wipe my own ass right now Bill, I haven't had "my coffee" yet.
by kmpistol July 16, 2009
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A Black person who dates a white person (usually a Black Woman and a White Man).

Started widely in use after "Waiting To Exhail"
Sheashea has a little cream in her coffee. She started dating the mailman about a week ago.
by The Army of Teh July 26, 2005
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From Carly Simon's You're So Vain.

Coffee is awakening. Clouds block the sun and cloud your vision. Therefore, clouds in your coffee translates as not being able to see things clearly.

In the song, she was clouded by false love or infatuation and was not able to see the true character of whomever the song is about.
by mlh06 July 18, 2009
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Reference to interracial relationships... black people who like white people
Black guy: I prefer black women but every now and then I like a little bit of milk in my coffee.
by DaYungFlyGuy April 26, 2014
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A euphemisn for anal sex. Originally defined as any homosexual activity, the term grew to mean any type of anal sex in general. (Hetrosexual or otherwise).

Designed to allow those who engage in the act to talk about their sexual exploits in relative secrecy around people unaware of the definition. Although has become less effective as it has spread to be fairly commonly known in its city of origin. Melbourne, Australia.

Berocca itself is a tablet soluble in water that contains vitamins and is used to aid general health and well being. It is popular as a hangover preventative or cure.
Scenario 1

Christian: Dude way to much berocca in my coffee this morning.

David: You shouldn't mix berocca and coffee that would taste terrible!

Christian: No dude, I mean I had my ass pounded like a freight train and can't walk straight, duh.

David: Oh I get it, the coffee is your butt, and berocca is a black man's penis. You gay guys crack me up with your crazy words.

Scenario 2

Mary: (on a crowded train) Wow I got some serious berocca in my coffee last night.

Julia: Oh yeah, who's the lucky barista?

Stranger: Do you girls mind!? I don't need or want to hear about how much berocca you got last night. Jeez.
by Cantbedave July 12, 2010
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crying, and the falling tears are causing clouds when they land in the coffee
"i had a dream there were clouds in my coffee; you're so vain"
by coffeeluvr January 12, 2008
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From the Carly Simon song, the line "I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee".

When you pour cream into your coffee, at first it looks really cool, just like in opening salvo in the song. When he walked into the room he looks great, and the ladies all look at him and imagine great things. As it turns out, though, he's a cad. All he can really do is look great at first, leave a funky aftertaste, and then you need something to remove the bad taste from your life like a breath mint after a bad cup of creamed coffee. Well, coffee sorta does that anyway, but I'll take someone with coffee breath over coffee-with-cream breath any day of the week.
I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee
by TheScorellis October 17, 2020
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