A girl that's cute, sexy, and adorable. Usually very chill when you get to know them. Guys consider her as a hot girl with a smart brain. Nevertheless, she is very mature comparing to people in her same age. She is the kind of girl that can do both girly and guy stuff. Also, she isn't afraid to be a confident, independent, and strong minded woman. She can be interested with lots of things with different varieties. She will accomplish something that's on her mind no matter what it takes to achieve it. When it comes to relationships, she isn't the type of girl that will break your heart. If a guy treats her right, that guy will be the happiest guy on the planet. Kristal is weird sometimes, because she has the tendency to look at hot models (both hot girls and guys). Surprisingly, she is straight af. She will be your best friend if you both can trust each other. Kristal is absolutely caring, nice, and friendly. If you need some support, she will be the first one to care about you and your feelings. Don't try to mess with this girl, because she will remember everything you did in the past and try to hold grudges. In her mind, she will plan on to murder you if you mess with her.
A: (Whistle) Hot damn! Look at that hot blondie over there bro!

B: Dude! That's my best friend Kristal. Don't you try to hit on her.
by LuckyCharms3349 September 08, 2016
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A heaven spawned ray of light delivered upon the earth to show motherfuckers the the way.
Can you turn on the Kristal? I'm having a hard time seeing your heart.
by StormyHoney July 27, 2016
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A smart, beautiful young woman, that has a very large future.
Wow kristal is so smart,
by krisssssssss February 07, 2018
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