An anal intruder kit, for more pleasure inter Gay couples.
We can play with the sais tonigth.
by Sneak August 18, 2003
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a special traditional Okinawan sword that goes east when hot.
The saki is the tip or point of the sai which usually goes east.
by saifatty July 08, 2011
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SAI is actually the word "psyche," but pronounced this way by extreme fobs.
- Yo Kenneth what class you got next period?
(short for psychology)
by Babin September 22, 2005
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Typically a man of impeccable statuture.

He is unbearably handsome.
God tier at video games.
"Damn he's a fucking sai."
"You're like sai level at this game dude."
by nimbuscloud May 08, 2020
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An English person in Wales that despises the Welsh language.
Everyone knows that Sais doesn't matter.
by Gari Tryfan March 21, 2019
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The nicest and hottest type of indian dudes on the planet. he has full abs and has a brain if a genius. He is highly extrovertive and is popular in his school. He is a genius and has the brains to become one of the most richest financialist in the world.
Random Person: Yo you are the sickest guy ever. you are so amazing and you are comparable to a sai.

Sai: Thanks dude
by January 07, 2021
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If u get called this it means you are literally the spawn if the god. you have 6 packs and have the brain of a genius who in the future can become the worlds top financialist. A sai is also someone who is highly extrovertive and popular. He dated alot of gals and has a big pp.
Random Person: Damn bro u so fly as hell, you must be a sai for sho’

Sai: Thats right mate
by January 07, 2021
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