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The ship between Pokemon characters Ash and Serena which in my opinion is very cute. Alternate names include: SatoSere and Childhooshipping.
Person 1: I wonder what the ship between Ash and Serena is? They seem like a very good couple.
Person 2: That ship is called Amourshipping
by Aid_Nic September 13, 2020
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Alexander Hamilton wants you to wait..... he is gonna do something very special so just you wait.
by Aid_Nic September 13, 2020
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Alexander Hamilton prayed "Lord show me how to say no to this," but he ended up doing it anyways.
by Aid_Nic September 13, 2020
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Political Compass memes are memes centered on the political compass, it was originated from the subreddit r/politicalcompassmemes and it often includes wojaks
Person 1: Yo, have you seen Political Compass memes
Person 2: No, and what is that?
by Aid_Nic October 18, 2020
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by Aid_Nic September 13, 2020
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Person 1: Being Dyspraxic is really taking a toll on my life
Person 2: That is because the world we live in is Dyspraxic Hell
by Aid_Nic September 16, 2020
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