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one of the default names for Somalians. Most Somalians are called this.
Greg: Hey, random group of Somalians. Which one of you is Mohamed?

The whole group turns around except for Abdi.
by Mohamed Abdi September 25, 2013
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He is a nice Muslim guy that likes praying a lot
Mohamed came from the mosque
by Azan235 October 29, 2017
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Cool person, holds it down for anybody but if u mess with him he will cut u off. Mohamed is cute, tall most of the times
Aye Mohamed ur hella cute. Yo you got to get to know Mohamed he is the BEST!!!!!!!!
by TherealistMohamed March 17, 2017
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He's simply Mr. steal yo girl. So attractive, tends to cheat a lot but all the girls still crush on him.
This guy is an absolute Mohamed!!
by Sambamaria April 11, 2017
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Mohamed is the name of the last prophet of Islam, and also means, "praiseworthy, glorified" But Mohameds are usually very kind, usually tall, extremely funny!, very intellectual, very sexy, attractive af, and a huge cutie!! He is so sexy, all the girls adore him and get wet from him on the spot. He has a 8 inch+ dick and go on FOR HOURS in bed. Literally!! All the bitches line up to fuck him next, but he just keeps going! If you have a Mohamed, consider yourself lucky and keep him! He is soooo a keeper. He will make any, ANY bad day a good one. He donates to charity all the time. And respects ladies on a daily basis. He will treat you like a Queen! And tell you all the joke and you will have the most laughs with him. Girls AND EVEN BOYS adore him. Boys are always jealous. A total Pussy Magnet!!
Girl 1: OMG you saw Mohamed? He was sooooo SEXY!!
Girl 2: Really?! I gotta go check him out! I don't want my underwear wet again though.
Girl 1: He soo loyal, I wish I can call him mine. I heard he's very good in bed.

Girl: Me and Mohamed had sex last night, you wouldn't believe it. He lasted 4 HOURS! And I had over 10 orgasms. The BEST NIGHT EVER!!
by GDKGang December 02, 2017
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