1- An Arabic name, it also means mister in the Arabic language and finally it's used as a title to descendents of prophet Mohamed among Shiaat.
by Mr. sayed May 23, 2010
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My amazing boyfriend, who I am constantly grateful for. I will never ever understand how I was lucky enough to find him. He lifts my whole mood with his contagious adorable laugh, and that charming smile. I never stop smiling or laughing when he is around. How attractive he is fucks me up, because how in the world can he look so effortlessly good? I drool. You'll drool. But don't bc I'll cut you. He's the best person on this whole crappy planet and he's mine. I love you
Jessica loves Sayed, forever and always.

- Love your rainbow
by JessicaBernal March 5, 2018
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An annoying tightfisted jew, that allways scavs ciggarettes and money of people. Somtimes they hang around area's where the homeless do also and get drunk and find people to have sexual relations with.
Bob: Oh my god, ewww look at that dirty chick with that guy.
Jerry: Oh he's just a Sayed, he was asking me for ciggarettes and money to put in jew pouch.
by ViPxPETROVx September 19, 2010
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Descendant of Allah. Many believe he has the ability slaughter the entire human race at once
"Watch out! It's Sayed!"
by Bismillah Sultani June 9, 2018
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A man whose dick is 7 cm long.
I am not a Sayed.
by Kolooo October 10, 2019
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Person: “ I sayed where is my super suit
Other: “ Your a retard”

Sayed not a real word man”
by Vecko00 February 2, 2021
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Someone who clearly doesn’t read there messages and is oblivious to the superior being.
Thing 1: I sayed where is my super suit
Thing 2: huhhhh, you confuse me man, it’s said dumb ass

Thing 1: STFUUU I’m a winner inside
by Woawwww February 4, 2021
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