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something someone says when they have nothing else to say or that they are in disbelief.
"I read it" "Mhmmm" (used in sarcastic situations)
by Blehhh..... June 13, 2010
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1. The correct form of agreeing with somebody on a chill, lax basis.
2. A sarcastic "mhmmm" showing skepticism of the statement previously said.
3. NOT MHMM OR MHMMMM. People who incorrectly type mhmmm shall be condemned to hell forever for their wrongdoings and overall fail at life itself.
Person 1: hey you wanna hang out tomorrow?
Person 2: mhmmm

Person 1: the Browns are easily the best team in the NFL
Person 2: mhmmm

Person 1: mhmm
Person 2: shut the fuck up you sick bastard and fix your mistake you asswipe.
by TheRealSherlock September 12, 2016
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this is when a girl is pissed off and she doesn't wanna say that she is pissed off because she doesn't want to get up and start swinging at some bitch
mhmmm I'm okay don't worry about me
by tymika turtle March 22, 2017
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When someone acts totally clueless, but you know their intentions, but the parentheses() provide warning, that your on to them.
Samantha: i like your dress and complimentary to your skin tone

Me: well i like yours too (mhmmm...)😑
by Quinceflash November 24, 2016
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