Short for production; something made by a programmer such as a demo or cracktro.
I finally finished my prod for Assembly '02.
by Spirit Bear January 29, 2004
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To jab with something
*I prod you with my finger*
by Triple_s May 3, 2005
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to poke with an object
He prodded my tender anus with his humongus member.
by ilikepoopinmymouth March 8, 2005
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A religion that condones its clergy and members to bag their piss and find girls under the age of 9 the throw upon.
I have roll my Prod ass off my sister and go thow piss on little girls now. God Save the queen.
by the gay prod March 15, 2007
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admirer of a foreign country, while living in catholic ireland
The prod are marching for england again
by em. July 7, 2005
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To take your finger and repeditively make for a person who is having an inner spazz and seems to have lost all outer awareness.
Mike: Hey
*five minutes later*
Mike: You there?
Mike: *prod*
by Theemz April 11, 2006
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professor addict - someone that is addicted to something for a long time and became the professor status of being addicted
god you smoke a cigarette packet a day, you are a prod for sure
by rukia20 April 5, 2011
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