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Short for production; something made by a programmer such as a demo or cracktro.
I finally finished my prod for Assembly '02.
by Majik Fox January 28, 2004
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A derogitory term used by Catholics for people of a Protestant religion.
"I hate those dirty fucking prods, the bastards shot my brother!"
by Davey Hinds May 13, 2003
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nickname for paul rodriguez down-ass skater for girl skateboards and nike sb. son of the famous comedian paul rodriguez sr. lives in chatsworth.
yo i saw P-Rod skating tha other day man!
by wherethafckisizzy December 28, 2004
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A phonetic derivitve of the words protege and prospect. Meaning prosepctive mate, date, or hook up partner. Prod usually refers to someone you would like to be with, but have no formal binding relationship agreement.
I went to the club, and I found two new prods.
by JohnyK July 10, 2006
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