An extremely good looking male who bears (what some men consider a gift) the curse of entrancing sexiness. He, without any effort, will make ANY woman fall in love with him. Whether the woman be a straight, lesbian, transgender, a crossdresser, or a man who desperatly longs for womanly parts, she (or he) will fall in love with the suave composure of a Sai. Beware when around this individual. You will lose your girlfriend/wife, sister, mother, aunt and even your grandmother. Sex is a Sai's greatest weapon even though he unknowingly wields it.
Damn he is a fucking Sai.

He just Sai'd my wife.
by SexySumo September 1, 2010
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someone whose voice makes u feel warm inside and whose voice makes you feel safe and fulfilled and that you aren’t missing anything.
She’s such a sai, she’s my person.
by toj June 9, 2021
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A character that character that can be found in “Naruto Shippduen”. Sai is a character that Naruto originally thought had feelings for him and reads books about human feelings. He also tends to say what he thinks.
Sakura: how about we all calm down and be friends

Sai: sorry I don’t take advice from ugly

by Riddle me Fiddle January 19, 2021
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Typically a man of impeccable statuture.

He is unbearably handsome.
God tier at video games.
"Damn he's a fucking sai."
"You're like sai level at this game dude."
by nimbuscloud May 8, 2020
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He's gotta massive penis and is extremely hot. When you see him you'll think he's the hottest man on the planet.
Holy shit is that a Sai?
by velderem April 6, 2021
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Sai is a beautiful and gorgeous girl who cares about nothing but others and her loving family and friends. She will care for you at all times and stand by you twenty four seven. She is the person you want to be with. She isn't just caring sweet and loving but she is honest and truthful she will keep her promise and tell the truth to you. most importantly she will love you no matter what bad things can happen because she is the most loving person in the world. No she is the most loving in the universe.

It is common in Japan and india

in japan sai means someone who cares about people
Sai is the most trusting person i have ever met

Sai was so honest to me yesterday

She is so nice and sweet
by Alexandra Miya December 28, 2015
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the gender neutral version of sir or ma’am

(pronounced sigh)
non-binary costumer- i’ll have the salad please

waiter- right a way sai
by Jewish bob the builder April 17, 2021
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