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American slang for the maximum security prison unit.
Yo, you see how homeboy's ass landed in the max joint? They gonna make a punk outta that nigga!!
by Boss March 1, 2004
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Construction site bathroom, also known as a "blue house" or port-a-john.
The laborer had too many tacos the nite before so he relieved himself in the Mexican Spaceship.
by Boss June 18, 2006
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A natural proclivity to say "Happy days" and take it up the japanese flag on a regular basis.
"That lovering doesn't half say happy days a lot"
by Boss March 17, 2003
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A girl that's pretty, talented,and smart. Kind of bipolar but still can be nice. Somewhat of a slut but usually pretty cool. Hates guys named Jerome. Loves guys named Bryan. Makes you want her more than you have ever wanted anything.
Dude:Look, it's Anna.

Other Dude: I know. She is so... Special
by Boss July 2, 2014
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The death house in Huntsville, Texas where capital offenders go to meet their maker. Drip. Drip. Drip.
dat nigga. . .he cap da bitch an' den ran over her! he in the Walls now!
by Boss March 1, 2004
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One of my personal favorites! When we the guards decide we've had enough of one "homeboy's" shit and bust into his cell looking for contraband that may or may not be there. Somehow it always turns up!
they havin' a shake down in Big Daddy's cell. Boss Cain gonna be givin' it to em now!! He don't fool around!
by Boss March 1, 2004
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to be shit outa' luck...cant win for losin'
I didn't make parole again I guess i'm just stuck like chuck
by Boss March 27, 2005
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