Generally someone whose actions would lead one to believe that the person is using crack cocaine due to the stupidity or messed-up-ness of their actions.
Used to describe something stupid, messed up or to express frustration with something
Man, you on crack! You will never get with that chick.

That biology report is on crack man.

Dude, Ms. Stanton's on crack! She gave me a friggen C+!!!
by TheDuke January 26, 2005
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1) Unbelievable; insane.

2) Good, bad, or extremely out of the ordinary.

Note: Both definitions an be used in both positive and pejorative sense.
I did horribly on that test. Question 5 was on crack.

I'm so happy I got promoted. My new salary is on crack.

My cell phone is on crack. I need a new one.
by Matthew Morrison July 21, 2006
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if something is mad, bad or just plain wrong, it can be described as "on crack", or, for added emphasis, "so on crack".
by robert June 17, 2003
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Also used to describe a person on serious drugs.

Also used to describe a person using Crack-Cocaine.
Jamal is "on crack", thats why he is in the rehab
by Michael January 18, 2005
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Several hours earlier than the crack of dawn. Specifically, when you have to get up really early in the morning. See also dark times.
My flight's at 6:00 am and I gotta be a the airport at the crack of crack tomorrow!
by KM March 10, 2004
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When someone doesn’t pull up there pant and there crack is showing you try not to stare. BUT when they are walking you see the crack cracking so you must stare.
Joe: “OOO the crack be cracking!”
Bob: “Yes that is one cracking crack!”
They give each other high fives
by hehejackson19 April 24, 2019
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