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SRM is an acronym for Stark Raving Mad. It's useful to use when confronted by SRM people, when one wishes to indicate their mental state to a friend, but not let the SRM person know what you are saying.
Eddy was buying shoes from a "nutcase" in a store and wanted to let his girlfriend know what he thought of the salesperson. He wispered to her "SRM," and she immediately knew what he was thinking; even though the salesperson had no idea.
by fred ressler October 30, 2006
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A middle school that is about 5 yrs old.
Jaxon:Ugh I have to go to SRMS today!
Ian: Ugh me too it sucks
by e.malfoy June 06, 2018
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Stands for sonicrocksmysocks, an extremely good anime artist, singer, and comedean. She can be found at Deviantart, Sheezyart, Youtube, and Myspace. SRMS is freinds wih wonchop, Kewpie, and several other artists.
Some random person: I am a fan of SRMS.
by Purpleluver October 11, 2006
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SRMS is the short way of saying "Sunnyvale Raynor Middle School". Like you might have guessed, it's located in a city called Sunnyvale. Also like you may have guessed, it sucks. The place is boring AF. The teachers can be very, VERY strict. But, they are able to teach pretty well, so I guess it works. It still is a pain in the ass, though.
Dude, this place sucks! It's like SRMS!
by BuchGotSwag August 21, 2019
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