Not quite average not quite great a happy medium between them.
Jon was feeling above average after recieving a B on his last test.

G was above average after listening to his favorite song.
by Jon December 22, 2006
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“omg do you see that hot guy over there?”
“yeah he’s above average”
by yuritarded695959595 December 18, 2019
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Being between "that's good" and "splendid, superb". Intonation matters.
your anal twitch is above average.
by badman_bat April 9, 2016
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Used When a person is named Joe (usually a male, but there are females named Joe) who is attractive, and cannot fall into the Average Joe stereotype because their looks exceed the average person.
Thot 1: Omg that dude Joe in our Bio class is cute af, I would make out with him in front of my friends just to brag ;)
Thot 2: Omg yasss he’s what we call an Above Average Joe
Both Thots: Sighhhh he sooo cute awww
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 26, 2019
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A stranger that you see more than you should or too often.
Above-Average Stranger Danger! Above-Average Stranger Danger!
by CrYpTiK N November 17, 2016
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the person who goes above and beyond and everyone wishes they could have, extremely attractive, smart, likes to cuddle, gives back massages, sexy, has a hot bod, successful/rich, provides everything you would ever want ;)
Man Jennifer is an above average mate! I would love to be with her!
by uthotmommayeah January 20, 2011
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