A poor bastard who sales furniture, lamps, recliners and bedding. One who lies to people about their taste in home furnishings. A person who listens to constant whinning about prices, listens to rambling about a house decore they don't give a shit about. When this simpleton finally closes the sale the buyer immediately begins to complain about the product.
A furniture salesperson might have to view buggars on the bottom of a recliner brought in for repair, might be exposed to the piss on mattress sent back to the store.
The furniture salesperson is always nice at work and a real ass hole at home. They have held as long as they can!
customer= JUST LOOKING!
furniture Salesperson- can I help you find something
customer- do you have a floral camel back sofa up on legs, maybe one you repoed. My credit ain't so good. Do you guys have 12 month same as cash?
furniture Salesperson- No we only sale new furniture, have you tried the flea market or a yard sale?
by mannman November 11, 2009
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Someone who pisses you off for their own gain, enough for you to crave prozac.

Synonym: Prozac Representative
"Hey did you see Cheyney last night?"
"Yeah... that anti-depressant salesperson is out for a quick buck."
by chatters44 May 27, 2009
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