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Funny,awesome,lovable,caring,sweet,goofy person. His smile can light up a room. He's a person that will always be there for you when you need him the most. He has an amazing personality. If you meet one you will want to play a big role in his life. A boy who is loved by everyone that he talks too. A free spirited boy/man. He will most likely be the person that every girl wants to date, or the boy that every man wants to be.
Jaxon - a person everybody wants to be around
by No nameeeeeeeee April 09, 2016
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A very amazing man. Has great hair, awesome friends, and a cool personality. Is a person that you should hang out with more often
That's my boy jaxon.
by Harambe 2 December 23, 2016
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Jaxon is a hansom, nice guy everyone loves him. Girls want to date him, and guys want to be him. He is popular, sporty, and he acts awkward around his crush(usually).
Ugh i cant belive that jaxon is dating jenna i so wish i was jenna.
by Th3_pure June 03, 2018
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Great person to meet. Has a smile that will light up a room. Loves woman and draws them like flies.

English meaning: God has been Gracious.

very proud man, knows who he is and where he is going
Walks into a room confident. Everyone pays attention to Jaxon when he speaks.
by Redilicious August 03, 2011
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He's is an amazing person. He has a big heart! He is great with kids. He also is extremely smart. He likes to tease people. All fun and games of course. He cares a lot about the people he loves. He maybe shy at first ,but he is an absolute goofball once he gets comfortable around you.

Ladies are in for a treat if you date him. He is an absolute gentlemen. He will love you with all his heart. He does everything in his power to make you laugh. He cares for you. Overall he is the perfect boyfriend.
"Rachel is so lucky to have Jaxon has her boyfriend!"
by IDK_AND_IDC August 07, 2018
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