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Everything in the past, including war was necessary, because it existed. This does not mean to say that it is necessary now or in the future.
People started to realize the basic game center could move to life support instead of death support and it was now necessary to work for only 6 hours per year instead of the current 2,000, to support war mongers.
by fred ressler January 11, 2008
The undictionary is the opposite of the dictionary. It shows how all words and concepts including these have no real meaning and why, starting with the word a and ending with the letter z. It is very useful when one wants to control her/his own life, by so called others, and escape being a machine. It can refute any argument or control over ones life, provided one follows what is commonly called karma. It is starting to be assembled here and now, the only time and place that might be. We all know time, space, words, ideas, life, life, death, are just some of the more major ideas that have been used to control our behavior to reduce our lives to the mechanical level. Once the undictionary is fully assembled and widely accepted we can start to get out of the cave of plato and live life. Please remember words are only like fingers pointing, to start to get us where we need to go, and have no absolute intrincic meaning. One can not point to any thing except a thing itself, THAT thing pointed to is it's own meaning, not the words that are commonly applied to it.
"Eddy look up "homework" in the undictionary and showed his teacher why it didn't really exist. She realized how smart he was and gave him a PhD degree and he could go back to working 6 hours a year for a middle class existence the way it should have been all along, and will be once the undictionary is accepted as meaningful, or more so, than the standard Webster-type dictionary."
by fred ressler October 8, 2006
Quantum entwinement occurs when you think of someone and they are with you.
Jane thought of a friend and for a moment they had quantum entwinement.
by fred ressler April 9, 2017
Hippy Bird Day is an unusual way to wish an unusual person a happy birthday.
I wished Rainbow a Hippie Bird Day to help her celebrate her birthday.
by fred ressler April 9, 2017
To communicate is to express oneself to another, so that the recipient agrees, ACTS on the agreement and improves the universe. It doesn't mean to talk, or to say something and the hearer says yes or no. She/He/It must respond positively and do something to get us out of the cancerous cycle we are in. It is interesting to note that this is the first entry in the Urban Dictionary for this word. If there were any communication, the world would not be as it is. Anyone who has anything to communicate is executed, imprisoned, institutionalized, or marginalized. This is the system that keeps those in power to stay in power.
If you feel you have something to communicate please add to the definition; maybe we can escape the cave of plato, and the world can change.
Eddy said "lets organize a people's union to change the world." He was heard, three billion people joined and ended up working for six hours a year for a middle class existence.
Eddy said "lets organize a people's union to change the world." He was heard, three billion people joined and ended up working for six hours a year for a middle class existence. Eddy was the first person in twenty-four hundred years to communicate.
by fred ressler October 10, 2006
Solipsism is the fact (as much as any other so called fact), that we create our dreams not only at night when we sleep, but also in the day. As well as before we are "born," and after we so call "die." The dreams in the day only appear more "rational." It is not that "we are the only thing that exists," but that our consciousness is all that exists. Our consciousness is just our individual reflection of the consciousness of the entire universe, (what is commonly called "God." ) It takes time to perceive everything (time being an illusion), except for our consciousness which is instantaneous. This means that what we perceive is also us. Governments, as well as organized religions, military, industrial, and educational systems conspire, and know this fact, but put out the Descartian, dualistic view that there is an external foreign "enemy". The latter view is put out for their advantage which everyone must follow or be marginalized, imprisoned, or eliminated. This view works to the disadvantage of everyone not following the Church, State, Military, Industrial, Educational Crime-Pseudo crime fighting system.
If this view of solipsism were accepted by the masses, as opposed to the "current commonly accepted dualistic view," we would work together for all of US. instead of being divided and conquered as we are now, by the age old classical military technique. We would work 6 hours per year for a middle- class existence as described by Buckminster Fuller, inventer of the geodesic dome.
by fred ressler September 18, 2006
The standard dictionary is a great way to get everyone to think and act the same way. It defines terms the way the writers like Webster want people to accept the words. Once the words are locked in as meaningful, the next step is the encyclopedia. This is all condoned by the Church, State, Military, Industrial, Education, Crime, Pseudo-Crime fighting masses to control everyone for the writer's own advantage and stop change. If anyone has a different definition of a word, one of the above mentioned group members says, "that is not the meaning of the word." So we all end up thinking and acting the same way, killing each other and burning up the world. Words are much more tricky than people think. Most people think "Peace" is the opposit of "War," because that is what the "dictionary," says; but nothing has lead to "War," more than "Peace." Either way one looses, when one follows the standard dictionary, encyclopedia, church. state, military, industrial, crime, pseudo crime fighting worded way. In the beginning was not "The Word," it was, "What was." Words are hints to get us where we need to go. If one accepts them totally as given by the standard dictionary, one is a word fundamentalist, which leads to other fundamentalist wars such as we now have.
"Eddie looked it up in the dictionary, that prooves he's right." Despite the fact that none of these words have any absolute meaning.
by fred ressler September 30, 2006