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Exoteric commonly means intended for or likely to be understood by the general public. The general mass of humans are given words, ideas, teachings, morals, myths, analogies, philosophies, memes and dogmas as a way of controlling their behavior. As a bull is controlled with the aid of a ring thru his nose, the masses of humans are controlled by means of exoteric knowledge.
Zippy was hard to control because exoteric knowledge escaped his micro-cephalic mind.
by fred ressler August 16, 2016
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The Cartesian cross is the basic program of dualism. The y axis is good at the top and bad at the bottom. The x axis is life at the right and death on the left.
John taught his children that the Cartesian Cross exists to keep them alive.
by fred ressler April 10, 2017
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MCSMICE. Is an acronym for Masters of Ceremonies Mice. Many people simply call them "They," without thinking about who "they" are. "They," are a conspiratory group first referred to as the "military industrial complex," by Dwight Eisenhower. "They" are composed of the Military, Church, State, Media, Industrial, Crime (+ pseudo crime fighting) organizations; after all a supposed enemy is needed- (read Atlas Shruged), and Educational branches, and all of us who are forced to follow these mice-brained paternalistic war mongers. Hence the acronym MCSMICE. MCSMICE is the modern slave master. "They" print up worthless paper and ask us to have faith in it's value. It is a huge pyramid scam (ponzi scheme), we are forced to pass on to our children, (if there will still be children and a planet left). The only thing honest about it is they display this pyramid on the obverse side of their dollar bill. What "they," fail to show is that MCSMICE is all backed by WAR, and their supposed alternative "PEACE," which has lead to WAR more than any other concept. Heads "they" win, tails we loose. We have alternatives. Change the language and concepts we are limited by, and all the rest will follow.

Example. Ed said he was free because he was not in chains. Jean-Jacques Rousseau said "Man is born free yet is everywhere in chains." He also said taxation is worse than slavery. William Blake said, ( paraphrase), "Every is a visionary untill the MCSMICE remove that ability and replace it with dogmaticism and the one eyed sleep of Newton's single eye." He also said, "Art is the tree of life. Science is the tree of death."
by fred ressler November 07, 2006
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Each thing has meaning in itself and describes her/his/it's self. Each thing is a living speaking "God," whether it speaks words or not. This is not to be confused with a word or words in an endless meaningless cycle, which are only approximate, biased definitions based on the senses and other words. Meaning unfolds from what has been folded into it in the first place. Things are not born into the universe, they unfold what has been enfolded into them in this one and only infinite dimensional hologramatic universe. (Each thing is in the universe and the universe is in each thing.) Each thing describes what it means and describes the path it has been on for at least the past 50 billion years.
"Edwina was a mute, but you could understand her meaning by her actions, or lack of them, even when she slept." " 'Life' is it's own meaning, and so is the 'universe,' that is why no one can come up with a definition in words to these basic questions of the 'meaning of life' or the 'meaning of the universe,' that makes any sense."
by fred ressler October 08, 2006
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A good example of how the standard dictionary definitions are "meaningless," as are all words in them, is the word "meaningless." See the undictionary and meaning, and one will see how there is nothing "meaningless," or any "meaning," in any word including "meaning", except as hints to get us where we need to go. Most people are lost in a sea of belief that words have absolute meaning and have become word fundamentalists. This has led to a world where people fight to the death defending words and ideas that they love. Each object speaks it's own meaning and to call any object meaningless, is belittling. There is no object that one can point to that is "meaningless." "Meaningless," is only a false idea, as are all words.
"Zerbinas mother said her life was meaningless, so she joined the army to kill people she didn't know, or be killed herself to give her life meaning. Her action had no "meaning," nor were they "meaningless." They were beyond words/concepts/ideas including the word beyond. They spoke for themself, interpreted differently by each person who perceived them.
by fred ressler October 09, 2006
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Newgenics is not just the breeding of people based on a genetic basis, but also based on level of education, wealth and other traits considered desirable.
Jane was a product of newgenics and was sterilized for being poor.
by fred ressler May 04, 2017
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NOPITA is an acronyn which stands for Natural Organic Pain in the Ass. Many pepole are considered NOPITA'S at home, school, work or in any relationship. Most often being a NOPITA is a reaction to the big NOPITA'S who are running the world.
Eddy was a NOPITA but he was just at a loss to fit into the NOPITA run world.
by fred ressler October 30, 2006
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