To teleport into the future from one place to another after a heavy night of drinking.
-Dude what happend to you last night?
-Well the last thing i remember, i was at this bar talking to this chick and now im at work with no money and now i have this nasty rash, i guess i musta blacked out.
by thatguyoberder September 29, 2007
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getting so drunk/fucked up that you no longer are aware of what you are doing or whats going on. . . but find out the next morning because what you did was so obnoxiously funny it bares repeating
Man Brian, when you blacked out last night you were all over Tom's girlfriend. . . he was pissed!
by Lohsl September 27, 2004
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whe you get way too fucking drunk that your conscious thoughts go bye bye, you can't remember anything and you become another, usually shittier, person..
I can't remember that last night, because I was blacked out
by king slut fuckery January 11, 2008
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When you've had so much to drink, you literally cannot function in a social situation. Sometimes victims possess the knowledge that they have indeed drank too much, sometimes the situation is known only by your peers. The words "Im so wasted" or " I shouldnt be here" frequent the victim. The next day, one will not remember anything that happened during the event.
Guy 1 (Sober): Sup Homie?
Guy 2 (Hammered Still): (scratchy throat) Ugh wtf you calling me for?
Guy 1: You was crazy drunk last night fool. Its 4:00 in the afternoon.
Guy 2: What? How'd I end up sleeping on this countertop?
Guy Sober: You were f*cking nutz last night, Im not suprised you blacked out.
by xxCrunked Upxx January 10, 2008
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In terms of any automobile, when the car is completely black. The car must be black, have black tinted windows, black tail lights, and black rims.
by BrendanMcG March 8, 2007
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To be so drunk that you don't remember anything you did (for a ceratin period of time ) the next day.
He lost all of his money in a bet because the drunk chick he hooked up with was blacked out.
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When a rapper gets so lyrical, emotional, and or hype on a track that it surpasses material that you are used to hearing from the said rapper or from rappers of his/her caliber. The material is of such a superior, raw, energetic level that you see the pure talent of the rapper manifest itself if only for 16 bars. The rapper is thought to have reached a subconscious level, a state of mind that allows pure lyricism to flow freely unencumbered by mere mortal thoughts and wishes.
1. Black Thought blacked out on that track.

2. Jean Grae blacked out over that beat Jay-Z used.

3. Talib Kweli blacked out on "Get By"
by Douglas Teel November 8, 2007
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