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to like or dislike something.

comes from the facebook fan pages, where someone can become a fan of something (for example: John Smith became a fan of Turning the Pillow Over when it Gets Too Warm.)
"my friend bought the new xbox."
"i'm a fan."

"ellen? she's cool, i like what she says to the contestans on idol."
"i'm not a fan of ellen; she can get annoying."
by dvora levite March 15, 2010
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A fan is simply a person who has never met you or they might have and they are obsessed with your life. they simply can't keep your name out of their mouth. They might know u but they still a fan because they love talking abt you when y'all don't even talk like that....
Babygirl why u still worried about me. YOU A FAN
by Gifkfidigty April 24, 2017
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: A hater. Someone that talks negative about something you do or have done.
Hey Jim, Erica said your party was boring last night. Jim says "Erica is just A FAN" while Jim smiles with a wink ;)
by freestyle19722 October 27, 2011
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A usual terminoligy of a thirsty teenage boy that has an admiration of being a Lumberjack.
Afan likes the the new girl Esmy. (Esmy was wearing tight shorts) Afan with his hands in his pants said “I like Her”
by No’sDictionary September 16, 2018
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