A common phrase expressing frustration or annoyance with someone or hatred, cursing him/her. Pretty self-explanatory.
by papermachete November 3, 2005
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a phrase used when len kagamine gives you trouble
doctor: what happened to this girl?
Nurse: she fainted for a mega nosebleed
Doctor: thats the 5 one to day whats making them have huge nosebleeds

Nurse: its from len *thinks about len* *nosebleed*
Doctor: damn you len
by kuroha January 9, 2014
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The exclamation you commonly make when the autocorrect feature in your phone maliciously decides to "correct" your text message spelling in the worst way possible.

Popularised on damnyouautocorrect.com
> Wanna come over for lunch?
# No thanks, I'm so full, I just ate two foot-long hot dongs.
> I bet you just gobbled those right up!
# Damn you autocorrect!!
by Trixtah December 4, 2010
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phrase - used when Spiderman is suspected of doing something evil.
Nacho: *sniff*, "I smell fish sticks..DAMN YOU SPIDERMAN!!!"

"Someone has cut my hair too short...DAMN YOU SPIDER MAN!!!!!!11"

"Is that...an ugly girl? DAMN YOU SPIDER MAN!!!!!!11"

"Banana splits...mmmmm...good. WAIT! Its not split evenly! DAMN YOU SPIDER MAN!!!!!!11"

"This tuff gangster jacket is too small for me...DAMN YOU SPIDER MAN!!!!!!11"

"There are no bagels in the fridge...DAMN YOU SPIDER MAN!!!!!!11"

"I made a D in Social Studies. Now I'm grounded. That last F almost made me fail...DAMN YOU SPIDER MAN!!!!!!11"

"Polly is trying to call me again...DAMN YOU SPIDER MAN!!!!!!11 WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU??????11"
by Can Not May 13, 2005
When things are going wrong and you need someone to blame. Dave is a fictional character on which you can reflect your anger, the universal 'baddy'. Originating from the 'Lost' episode 'Dave', wherein Dave is Hurley's imaginary friend, telling him to disobey his doctors.
In social media, #damnyoudave has been a trending topic for a few days in june 2015.
There's no more warm water to shower. Damn you Dave.
by MrGeldof June 10, 2015
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Something you say to an atheist when you are really mad at him.
"Science damn you, United Atheist Alliance!"
by United Atheist Alliance January 20, 2009
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That moment when your Oreo breaks off and sinks to the bottom of your milk glass...

by TNTsquid April 26, 2018
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