A supposed art website that barely functions because none of the people running it can ever get their asses in gear.
"Hey man, I went to check your Sheezy page and uh... Well. I couldn't."
"Yeah that figures. It's Sheezyart--what did you expect."
by Hero Bob August 12, 2009
An online art community very similar to DeviantART (DA), where you can submit works of art, such as digital art, traditional art, flash animations, and writings. Unlike DeviantART, however, the admins are a bit more flexible and accept some copyrighted content. For example, if someone wanted to add a copyrighted sound file to a Flash MX movie or animation, then he or she would be able to. However, if someone would do this on DeviantART it would violate the DA policy, meaning that it would be removed from the site.

Like DeviantART, however, SheezyArt does not display adult artwork, like it originally did when it first was created.

By posting artwork on the site, it allows you to post comments and then people can (if they want to) reply. It's a great way to make online friends that share an interest in the wonderful world of art.

Artists on the site have their own web page...such as " username.sheezyart.com " or “ www.sheezyart.com/ usename “ This is where their gallery, journal, and personal information is displayed.

*Also known as "SA"
I just signed up for a SheezyArt account yesterday! Check out my page!

Some people think SA is much better than DA.
by Ellernbitch January 27, 2005
Sorta like DeviantArt, only you can customize your userpage, and it seems to have dropped off the face of the planet.
What, the bloody SheezyArt site is down AGAIN??
by NotSoDigitalDevil September 15, 2005
A website popular with 10 year olds obsessed with animal sex, incest, animal incest and animal incest roleplay.

SheezyArt was founded after a child was banned from deviantART for copyright infringement, and decided to set up his own rival site where anybody could upload works featuring copyrighted material and explicit animal porn. This proved to be an unbeatable formula, and soon SheezyArt established itself as the premier source of animated animal porn.

It has been remarked that SheezyArt serves as a magnet for furry incest porn that would otherwise be submitted to deviantART. This has led to accusations that SheezyArt is actually run by deviantART in order to divert shitty pencil doodles elsewhere.
10-Year-Old Furry "Artist": "Today I'll upload a crayon drawing of Sonic giving Sailor Moon a rimjob."
His/her mother: "Honey, Hamtaro is on."
by kronix July 14, 2005
A very nice, small place in which people may submit art. It is smaller then DA but in that way people are more closer together then DA. All the Final Fantasy,Naruto,original art, and other fans stick together and become friends. People think SA sucks and is only for little children who have nothing better to do but plague the internet with shitty "doodles" but they are wrong. At least SA actually gets off their asses and bann people that break the rules, like art theift and being underaged UNLIKE DA. SA doesn't sell crappy merchantdise.Also sheezyart has amazing artist who put effort into there work and its not all furry incest and animal sex.
Hooray i finally got my 100th watcher on my sheezyart account! I am happy =D
by unknown shadow September 14, 2006
A place for confused children looking for a home away from green places. Should these children become sucked in SA, they will lose sight of the better good.

Translation : wha...?
Dang, that SA place like battles with that DA place, and man, its gruesome. SA gets murdered EVERY TIME. Poor children. They need more green.
by POLIO March 26, 2005