A word which no American seems to be capable of pronouncing correctly. Always pronounced 'labratory.'
It's 'labOratory!' Why? 'Cos there are two fucking Os in it!
by Richard P Grimmer August 3, 2006
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A word pronounced as "lab."

Douches will say "la-bor-a-tory."
"I say Jeeves, where in your laboratory is all that Frankenstein shit?"

Me: "Sorry, our lab was busy finding a cure for cancer."
by I'mThatBitch April 17, 2013
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Laboratory example: “beeble..hm? Shabadaba guba lika meeble MEEBLE....laba laba..lable da babble da babl o Laable da gabble laable...oooo tongue twister!”
by chadasaurus.rex July 19, 2021
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(DEX-ters la-BOR-a-tor-y) One of few shows (including Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, I Am Weasel, Cow & Chicken) broadcast on Cartoon Network that has been ranked as: the shit.
I just watched Dexter's Laboratory. It was the shit.
by PaulJoe July 3, 2011
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A show on Cartoon Network that focuses on a boy-genius shortie named Dexter. He is usually seen in the show in his lab doing random experiments, while his ditzy ballerina of a sister Dee-Dee messes everything up, thus causing Dexter's temper to go up and kicking her out.

Dexter's hot Mom and smart-ass Dad know NOTHING about what their son is up to. Nothing at all. Dexter also has to face his worst enemy Mandark almost every-day. Mandark, however, is in love with Dee-Dee.

Oh yeah, speaking of Mandark, his parents are hippies. They don't understand his craving for evil and to make Dee-Dee his girlfriend. They want him growing up to be nice and have peace like they do.
Has anyone ever noticed that Dexter's Mom has such a huge butt?

Has anyone ever noticed that Mandark loves Dee-Dee for no reason?

Has anyone ever noticed how Mandark's mother and father never understand him?

Why is Dee-Dee so ditzy anyway? All she does is annoy Dexter to bits!

But otherwise, Dexter's Laboratory is the bomb! Woo-hoo!
by JellyBean600 December 29, 2018
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Contracted to Chill Lab. A conceptual (or real) place of intense relaxation. The area is so chill that people sometimes forget their first names. Nothing can phase this place because of the fact that its 'chill' level exceeds anything that can phase it. Only beings wise enough to understand the conceptual mental mind set during such presence in the chill lab can achieve the right to claim chill labs. A chill lab is basically a place where everyone just chills and there are no guidos.
...The Bat Cave (Chill Laboratory #216)

Batman: Robin, pass the joint.

Robin: Yeeeeeee...
by Dr. Douchebag June 26, 2010
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The first actually original program on Cartoon Network, focused on a boy genius with an inexplicable accent of unknown origin who built a top secret laboratory hidden behind a bookcase in his bedroom. Episodes typically featured his inventions getting destroyed by his ditzy ballerina of a sister, Dee-Dee, alongside the occasional confrontation from resident antagonist, Mandark. The first season also had short superhero-themed segments that were quickly given the boot.
I remember the days of Dexter's Laboratory, where not every cartoon needed to have an over-arching story; all you needed were explosions and monkeys!
by PinkElephantPants December 10, 2018
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