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It's and acronym for Security Commission. It's the ultimate police of discord. They are so deadly that if a guy who knows a guy that then said something to an unrelated guy that was bad about SECO that they find out about this.
Guy 1 "SECO is gonna beat my ass because I know a guy who knew a guy."
by Epic989 March 03, 2019
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Graffiti Mongul located in suburbia mid new york Newburgh and Poughkeepsie. Mostly known for his tough freestyle flows and impulse bombing. Keeping the region on lock. Most Cant Compete. Nyg HD Mgc
Girl1: have you seen Seco Dun Dodda new shit i heard hes hot?

Girl2: hit it.
by Gx450 May 17, 2011
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very dry; shrivled up balls
Girl1: How was last night with your lover boy?

Girl2:Ugh!! He was so seco!

Girl1:Damn, that sucks, don't expect to have any kids!
by LitaCub November 07, 2008
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