1) A fee paid to an agent for providing a service, especially a percentage of the total amount of business transacted.

2) A job or task given to a person or a group, especially an order to produce a particular product or piece of work.

3) A group of people authorized to carry out a duty.

4) The committing of something, especially a crime or other offense.

1) The middleman was paid a fee.

2) The factory was given a commission.

3) The spy had commission to kill suspects of terrorism.

4) The commission of a crime.

by Jafje June 6, 2007
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A transaction involving the exchange of money from the commissioner to an artist in exchange for custom pornographic artworks. Typically refers to anime and furry art.
Damn. Did you see that guy's commission? I was all like FAPFAPFAP!

I couldn't find any art of Goku sexing up Gotenks so I believe I'll commission somebody for one.
by DerpWolf September 27, 2010
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The governing body. Recently, the Commission has been rumored to be in a state of war although this is impossible to confirm. They have successfully squared off against UN peacekeepers who have threatened their interests. Little can be done to stop them as they are suspected to inhabit a well-stocked safehouse which includes an epic harem and is surrounded by armed guards.

Members are trained in the arts of mortal combat, modern espionage, and trolling. Trolling being the skill they employ most. It is by far the worst. Trust me. Seriously.

It is said that they only ride in the finest German automobiles and refuse to employ chauffeurs and would rather rely on other members as getaway drivers. Audi is the manufacturer of choice with the B5-platform S4 being their primary mode of transport as it is a very easily modified, capable, and unassuming sedan.

Enemies? It has been implied that the Commission does not have any enemies, as prospective enemies do not live long enough to enjoy such a title. Thousands of missing person cases and murders have been linked to The Commission, although there are no witnesses and rarely, bodies.

The group is believed to be funded by overseas companies. The G****r D***e is rumored to be a major supporter, although this is not and will not be confirmed.

How do they avoid headlines? Journalists have been advised to ignore the existence of such a group. Oh shit, they're here...
You know JHH? Yeah, I don't either. Perhaps he fucked with The Commission?

The Commission's existence is often hinted out in tracks from The Clipse and more recently The Re-Up Gang.
by Member #1 April 20, 2009
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To pay an artist to draw something, anything.
I'll do commissions for $10 each.
by Kilgayne February 23, 2005
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1/ Process of being given authority to act.

2/ The Job description Given Commissioner Gorden (one of Batmans best Homies).
1/ Mick; "this is so exciting, i have been given a commisioning to go out and eat all of the blueberries in the world, by god himself!"

2/ C.G; "It says nothing about wearing leather OR spandex in my Job Description Batman! look here 'COMMISSIONING' that is all!"
by Mickie.B! June 22, 2006
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The Commission is an organization of 11 teams in GLB that have to come together across different levels to form one of the most cohesive systems of player development. It is run equally by the 7 board members whose main goals are to win gold at every level, to have a system of elite talented players who will get to play at least 3 to 4 seasons in Pro and possibly WL, and to have a place where your players can be used the right way. We have invited you to join us because you are an elite agent, and you understand why this is such a good idea. There is no sacrifice, every team we run will be going for gold each season.
The Commission - Mourning Woodys, Victoria Teabaggers, Victoria Stingrays, Warhawks, JHawks, GLB Allstars, Trigger Happy Psycho Bunnies, Eccentric Bombing Psycho Bunnies, New Jersey Red Devils, Shock Collar Gladiators
by KingofNY January 22, 2010
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an office which provides services for the community
Information can be found in the local tourist commission
by Luis Alvarez June 9, 2007
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