A derogatory nickname for Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. It is particularly used by University of Toronto students.
He went to Rye High.
by Andrew MacKinnon September 30, 2006
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High school where students constantly sport the preppy look, drive nicer cars than the teachers, & play tennis & Lacrosse. They treat school as an option senior year and laugh at their "security guards." Also infamous for parties and drinking.
I went to a Rye High party last weekend and they were drinking Merlot and Champagne
by rye girl May 2, 2005
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Derogatory nickname for Ryerson Polytechnic University.
She couldn't get into UofT, so she went to Rye High instead.
by Rosemary April 17, 2004
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Mandatory outfit: Popped collar (for boys & girls), with Abercrombie jean skirt for girls and sand color khakis for boys. A place where no matter what's going on you'll always have a bottle of bacardi in your hand. Rye inhabitants may venture in to Greenwich to shop. But the only time they drive their BMW's into Port Chester is to buy beer from Mexicans or to go to POCHO bars.
Brad: What are you bitches up to tonight?
Steph: After we finish shopping in Greenwich we are heading into POCHO quick for some beer
Brad: Yo my parents are on a cruise so call me and ill let my gate-man let you in and we can have a beirut tournament
by Ms Rohmer May 2, 2005
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Rye Neck unfortunatly has received the short end of the stick, as Mamaroneck High is a million times larger. This place becomes a home instantly, a family, but this "home of the panthers" keeps the drama rolling. Good luck keeping a love interest secret, this school will blow it up before you were even aware the other person had feelings for you. Located on a swamp that is slowly sinking, the greatest excitement includes partying at the back field, hooking up in the dugout, making fun of the cafeteria cleaning people and of course the annual trudge in waders into the swamp for biology class. If you visit the cafeteria at any time during the day, you will most likely find every student who has skipped class or needed a break. Why don't you try to bum a ride to Garden Catering or Smoothie King!? It'sa school wear a pair of uggs and spandex is mandatory. Where if you wear sweat pants two days in a row, you've overused your scrub days. It's athletics are small, but the teams have heart. Unfortunatly, the majority of all funds have vanished into the construction of the fitness center. All jokes aside, the A class, B class, C (outcast) class system is either you love it or you hate it.
"Hey can this day just be over so we can get drunk already, this is RNHS!"

Rye Neck High School(in the office we all have gone too-mr. scott) "This ain't burger king you can't have it your way!"

"I have so much homework, plus I have rehearsal tonight...my life stops when the RNHS play begins"

"Rye Neck has cheerleaders?"
by A RyeNecker Who Moved Away December 8, 2009
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A small school that doesn’t have a town to accompany it. The over flow of Mamaroneck, Rye, and he’ll even some of Harrison pushed into one building located on a swap. One room sinks farther down every year but don’t work They put your tax dollars to a new science wing and a middle school gym. If you happen to find yourself in the D corridor bathroom 9/10 times you’ll find the big stall occupied by upperclassman smoking their laced carts. Parties are lame and held in the same basement year round. If you want coke i’m sure you could ask the “popular girls” and they’ll have a bag in their cars. Believe it or not there are more Republicans than Democrats at this school and even though they can’t vote they voice their love for Donald Trump. The football team sucks and their cheerleaders aren’t any better. Sorts here are made a big de but are the biggest joke of the league. Nearly every student has a nic addiction and a minimum of 3 bodies. If any of this offended you then it’s about you.
“Bro you go to Rye Neck High School, I’m so sorry for you”
“Oh yeah Rye Neck High School. Trust fund kids right?”
by Someone who hates their school September 12, 2021
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