a sweet indie folk band that uses trumpet, organ, piano, ukelele, mandolin, glockenspiel, violin, tambourine, and cello..their music gives you the feeling of being in Eastern Europe.
I was playing Beirut and for a second, I thought I was somewhere in the Middle East.
by mydogsrockyeahtheydo February 2, 2008
"Before I begin, I would like to put to rest a dirty dispute: the difference between Beirut and Beer Pong. Let me start off by saying that they are different. Whoever tells you that Beirut and Beer Pong are one and the same probably also told you that he was popular in high school. Neither of these statements are true. A great deal of confusion could be avoided if Beirut was always referred to as the version without paddles. Beer Pong uses ping-pong paddles. Hence, Beer PONG — get it?"

Beirut/ ruit, is a popular drinking game, that some less informed people like to call Beer pong ( beer pong is a totally different game).

Materials: 6-8 foot table
22 solo cups
3 ping pong balls
beverage of choice
water for the water cups
2-4 players

In ruit you set up 10 solo cups on each side of a table. Arrange the cups in a pyramid formation, 4 cups, 3 cups, 2 then 1, all of the edges of the cups touching. Fill the cups with any beer you want, preferablly filling the cups at least half full. also have two water cups to wash off dirty ping pong balls. After your set up a player from each team can shoot for first shot. After this is won players continue to shoot one team at a time, three ping pong balls into the opposite teams cups. When one team sinks a ball, the other team drinks the cup that the ball landed in. This procces is continued until one team makes all of the other teams cups. There are many variations of the game, and other little rules regarding rearranges, bounces, when you pick up cups and so on... depending on who you are playing with.

contrary to popular belief, beirut(ruit) and beerpong are two different games. Beerpong uses paddles to hit the ball into the cup, while in Ruit the ball is simply tossed in by hand
"The difference between Beer Pong and Beirut is that Beer Pong refers to any variation of the game that uses paddles to hit the ball in the cup, while in Beirut, the ball is thrown by hand, " said Jason Keith, head of the National Beer Pong League.
by Cayars January 18, 2006
Capital of Lebanon.
One of the clubbing spots of the middle-east. No sand dunes, no camels and no tents, but lots of upclass places for rich saudi tourists to spend their money at.
Most practiced sport: freestyle driving.
I was in Beirut. The traffic is insane and they have this restaurant in front of the US Embassy called "snack my pie" (that's true!).
by bboy November 24, 2004
A completely different game then beer pong, beirut is played with two doubles teams, in which two seperate stacks of 6 cups are set up in pyramid formation and filled with two beers per stack. Each player shoots once using a longneck bottle cap (not folded, contrary to popular belief), and if both players make their respective cups in the same turn, then they get to shoot again. After the teams cups are down to six total, the team must "re-rack" or consolidate all of their cups onto the side of the other team's chosing. Depending on house rules, if one team completes the game before the other team can re-rack then a naked run or some other equivelent might be in order.
I was not on top of my game last night... I lost at beirut before I could re-rack and had to do a naked run around my house.
by beirut queen May 12, 2005
A simplified variation of beer pong. In this version, there are no no ping pong balls- instead, a regular metal bottle cap from a beer bottle is bent in half until its opposite ends touch (resembles a taco-like half-moon).
In addition, this version of beer pong includes no special rules (e.g. no blowing the ball from the cup, no double shots, etc., no rules on when/when not to rack the remaining cups).
Instead, each team takes turns shooting at the opponents' cups, and if a cup is hit, the remaining cups are instantly racked (meaning the remainder are immediately moved together into one of the normal beer-pong setups).
If both players from the same team hit a cup during their turn (or, if playing as a one-man-team, if he/she hits), they are allowed to shoot again.
The final cup you must hit is positioned anywhere on the table by your opponent. If you and your partner hit the cup, you have won. If only one of you hits the cup, the opposing team is allowed one final chance to rally, and clear the remaining cups without missing a single shot.
"Wanna play beer pong?"
"Nah, we don't have any balls and I hate all your rules. Let's just play Beirut."
by grenade October 20, 2005
Jesse Jackson's pronounciation of the greatest baseball player of all time!
Henry Aaron hit more home runs than Beirut!
by BigBird1017 March 2, 2008
a drinking game involving a rack of 10 cups half full of beer at two ends of a ping pong table. Two teams attempt to throw ping pong balls into the cups, re-racking at 6, 3,2, and 1; not 4. This game is NOT called beer-pong. If you think it is, you clearly are not from the north east, and probably throw underhand and enjoy bounce shots.
Hey man, beirut should only be legal in the north east.
by sweetlax February 5, 2006