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A small school that doesn’t have a town to accompany it. The over flow of Mamaroneck, Rye, and he’ll even some of Harrison pushed into one building located on a swap. One room sinks farther down every year but don’t work They put your tax dollars to a new science wing and a middle school gym. If you happen to find yourself in the D corridor bathroom 9/10 times you’ll find the big stall occupied by upperclassman smoking their laced carts. Parties are lame and held in the same basement year round. If you want coke i’m sure you could ask the “popular girls” and they’ll have a bag in their cars. Believe it or not there are more Republicans than Democrats at this school and even though they can’t vote they voice their love for Donald Trump. The football team sucks and their cheerleaders aren’t any better. Sorts here are made a big de but are the biggest joke of the league. Nearly every student has a nic addiction and a minimum of 3 bodies. If any of this offended you then it’s about you.
“Bro you go to Rye Neck High School, I’m so sorry for you”
“Oh yeah Rye Neck High School. Trust fund kids right?”
by Someone who hates their school September 12, 2021
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