The slogan for Burger King - the fast food hamburger restaurant that is the main competitor to McDonalds. Burger King is far better than McDonalds in every way. Their main sandwich, the Whopper, is actually a very good value, as opposed to McDonald's Big Mac which is actually a lot smaller than the Whopper overall.

Burger King is a smarter advertiser than McDonalds. Instead of a perverted and psychotic clown as their main mascot, Burger King's mascot is a dignified and ubercool King. The King is even featured on an Xbox and Xbox 360 video game, called Sneak King. This advergaming title, along with Big Bumpin' and PocketBike Racer, show that Burger King is willing to take some financial risks - after all, they sold those Xbox games for only 3.99 with a value meal. And those games are actually pretty good for a game you get with a fast food meal. This is a testament to Burger King's ingenuity and better value. McDonald's, the epitome of a cost-cutting and tight-fisted corporation, with their small-sized hamburgers and their inflated prices, would never produce quality video games and sell them for as much as Burger King did.

In some cities, such as Los Angeles, the people there recognize BK's superiority and never go to Mickey D's. We should all do the same and support BK instead. And if you want another reason to avoid McDonald's, just watch Super Size Me.

On a side note, I have to admit I'm being a little bit hypocritical about avoiding McDonald's - just today I made an exception to this rule and had breakfast at Mickey Ds - although I feel that the meal I got for $4.40 (An egg McMuffin with no meat, a small orange juice, and a small hash brown), was not exactly a great value. The only good value at McDonalds, in my opinion, is the parfait from the dollar menu. But all in all, I should have gone to Burger King. I will regret this decision for a long time.
Adam: "Hey, Sarah, where should we go for lunch? I'm thinking McDonald's - dadadadaaaaa I'm lovin' it."

Sarah: "Are you outta your mind? Do you want to get ripped off and face their horrible customer service? Wouldn't you much rather Have It Your Way and go to BK? Come on dude, BK is better in so many ways."

Adam: "You know, you have a good point. Yeah, you're definitely right. Let's Have It Our Way baby. Besides, I don't want to see that freaky clown at Mickey Ds, he makes me get chills inside."
by Adel7 August 31, 2007
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aidens a bitch for not answering my stories questions & he’s so fucking moody
“you’re always on my ass & fucking w me”

okay fine, have it your way”
by bellissimabrittney March 24, 2022
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If a partner has a bangin body but a ugly face this problem must be fixed. So take them to a cheap lunch at MCcdonalds...put the bag over there head..have at it - get some...."Have it your way"
Person 1: Awe nigga you should see dis hoe but she got a butta face.

Person 2: ahh man thats a problem that can be fixed. Take her to Mcdonalds, put the bag over her head and have it your way.

(Or if ya man gota hott body wit a ugly face)
by Jay November 14, 2004
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"I will have my way with her!" "have your way with me"
by Alan and charlie Harper November 19, 2013
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