a small town in westchester, NY.. about 40 minutes from the city, yeah, new york city.

Most people say they hate it here because of a few bad neighborhoods, but i actually enjoy it, a lot. its got some pretty sweet hidden places.. but there are some security issues.

"Man i cant wait to graduate so i can get out of port chester!"

"wow, that tee shirt is so ghetto, its port chester!"
by Roxanne <3 July 22, 2006
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Where kids from Greenwich go to get white when nobody in Stamford has any.
Shit son, my boy in Stamford is out of yay. We gotta go to that shit hole Port Chester and pick up an 8 ball.
by wp420 December 8, 2007
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Port Chester is located in new york,
the neighbor hood wasent as bad as it is 2day.
all u would c there were italians and all u c there now is blacks and spanish. Also many gangs have arose in the past years like BLOODS, CRIPS, LATIN KINGS, LATIN PRIDE and OAK FAMILYand the neighborhood has gone from good to bad to worse and now just a strait up ghetto. PCHS is just as bad too.
AAh DAMMNNNN!!!!! that nikka got hit
Another day in Port Chester
by Smoke n Scrap October 9, 2006
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the "Port Chester Slap" occurs in only one situation. A guy is hitting it from the back and pretends to cum on the girl's ass. Instead, he cums in his hand. The girl turns around and the guy slaps her across the face with his hand filled with cum. Don't ask why it's called the Port Chester Slap, God only knows.
Derived from the deepest parts of Westchester NY only those who dare to cum on their girl's back have the chance at hitting her with the "Port Chester slap"
Dirty as fuck.
by userxx35s#x November 9, 2022
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