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A synonym mainly used when words like cool, sweet, awesome, splendid, amazing, delightful, hell yeah, etc. get old.
"Hey, dude, I won the lottery."
"Cool beans!"
by Rosemary February 24, 2004

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A food, animal part, or other symbolic object known to cause extreme sexual drive. Word derived from Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexual rapture, Aphrodite.
"Dude i just killed a rhino."
"Cool, aren't the horns aphrodisiacs?"
by Rosemary April 02, 2004

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Derogatory nickname for Ryerson Polytechnic University.
She couldn't get into UofT, so she went to Rye High instead.
by Rosemary April 17, 2004

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A word for a stupid person much like fucker
What do you think you're doing, you shit cock!
by Rosemary April 15, 2004

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Australian slang for gross or chat.
used to descibe a discusting senario/person/or matter.
Oh shazza, did you see that girls head?
Yeah it was putrid
by Rosemary March 29, 2005

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Humourous pet-name for Mississauga, a western suburb of Toronto.
It takes ages to get anywhere in Missing Sausage because there aren't enough buses and everything is spread out too much.
by Rosemary April 17, 2004

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N. A gift received by a woman who is being given oral pleasure by a septigenarian with false teeth.
Grant loved pleasing women so much in his old age that he would often "give them the gampers" and have to buy new dentures.
by Rosemary May 08, 2003

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