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A food, animal part, or other symbolic object known to cause extreme sexual drive. Word derived from Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexual rapture, Aphrodite.
"Dude i just killed a rhino."
"Cool, aren't the horns aphrodisiacs?"
by Rosemary April 2, 2004
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Australian slang for gross or chat.
used to descibe a discusting senario/person/or matter.
Oh shazza, did you see that girls head?
Yeah it was putrid
by Rosemary March 30, 2005
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When bums (hobos, or homeless people if you will) have sexual intercourse.
"Wow you saw some bumsex? That shit's better than bumfights!"
"Yeah it was in a big cardboard box."
by Rosemary February 25, 2004
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A delightful mix of punk and grunge.
Can be a type of music, a way of life, or whatever else.
I'm a bit punk, but I'm also really into grunge stuff. I guess you could say I'm sort of punge.
by Rosemary April 5, 2004
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chop suey being an asian food is also to be suggested as a term for asians themselves. Probably taken as an insult if an asian was called one.
"omg fred did you go the dance club in the city on friday night?"
"Did you see all the chop suey's there?!"
by Rosemary March 30, 2005
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Humourous pet-name for Mississauga, a western suburb of Toronto.
It takes ages to get anywhere in Missing Sausage because there aren't enough buses and everything is spread out too much.
by Rosemary April 17, 2004
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