"To Trudge: the slow weary depressing yet determined walk of a man (or woman) who has nothing left in his (or her) life except the impulse to simply soldier on." (Chaucer, "A Knight's Tale")
"{Chaucer} Morning! Morning! {William} Why sir, what are you doing? {Chaucer} Uh, trudging. You know, Trudging? To Trudge?"
by Tifee May 2, 2006
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To wander aimlessly with no purpose or direction with confidence.

Warning: this more often than not recruits more people to follow along on the journey to no where with hope of an outcome. (these people are called "trudgees")
-Today I "trudged" along the beach and found these women.

-Tonight I will "trudge" around this camp site
(prime culperates for "trudging" are campers and hippies"

-E.g. Forest Gump "Trudged" when he went for his 2 year jog

by Batesy January 12, 2006
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To go somewhere that you don't necessarily want to go...with style.
Ron, it's time to go to school. A'ight, c'mon. Let's trudge.
by Hallie Corson March 2, 2004
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going for a walk in the middle of no where, in the dark, drunk
my brother and his friends went trudging on our property last night after buying two 30 packs of keystone and a handle of captin morgan.
by drinkNdance September 18, 2010
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I saw this extremely hot guy and am now trudgeful
by Blob809 January 28, 2010
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A person who decides who is the real troll out of two trolls trolling at each other.
1-"Hey this game sucks!"
2-"NO!! You Suck!"
1-"Stop trollin troll!"
2-"Im not trollin your trollin!!"
3-"Looks like we need Trudge."
by RedAvery December 15, 2010
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When someone steals the girl your trying to get with
Bro, you just got trudged that guys walking away with your girl right now
by Wojack February 7, 2018
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