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Lacrosse is a sport that originated from the native Americans and is played during the spring. Lacrosse is much better than BASEBALL. BASEBALL IS GAY CASE CLOSED. How can one call sitting around for 4 hours a fucking sport. Lacrosse is the more dominant game because it a contact sport... unlike baseball
Mom: jimmy you must play a sport this spring

Jimmy: Okay well I definitely don't want to play baseball because it's some gay shit... I think I'll play lacrosse
by Ginger ninger July 18, 2017
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a garbage sport played by boy and girl losers who cant handle a baseball/softball bat and glove.

Baseball/softball clearly superior to this idiotic sport.
Pat couldnt handle the varsity baseball, and now he's the star lacrosse player.

Chris couldnt handle the varsity softball and now she's the star lacrosse player.
by daywalkz April 28, 2008
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Faddish, niche sport that has been around for years but has only come into prominence recently. Will soon go the way of roller hockey and ultimate frisbee and quickly forgotten by the American public. Athleticism is only partially required. The sport is more about skill than pure athleticism. The 'Urban Dictionary' board attacking baseball seems to be similar to the attack on the more established sport of skiing by snowboarders back in the mid 90's.
A bunch of Colorado and California Bay Area upper-middle class white kids are trying to earn self-affirmation by over-posting some glowing definitions about this prep sport they knew nothing about three years prior.

Lacrosse is a total establishment sport played by elites who thumb their nose at people like you and I----Don't give their sport equal footing to the likes of basketball and soccer. There is a reason NBA contracts are what they are----compare them to MLL or NLL star player contracts.

Come on, middies and attack, time for an iso!!!
by Allen Xiong January 22, 2008
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A sport that rich white kids play, so they can pretend to be athletic.
"I'm like...third in the state for Lacrosse...I'm pretty athletic"

"Yeah, it must be hard to hit people with sticks, and grow your hair real a bitch."
by GsE49857 September 10, 2009
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the only sport where rich white people can be the best players in the world
lacrosse is the only sport where a guy from Chevy Chase, MD can be the best in the world. soft
by George Hugueley July 12, 2011
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a sport for people who suck at baseball, football, and soccer and think that they will some how get a scholarships with it.
Josh and I suck so bad at football so we played lacrosse with all the other losers
by Pene Monster July 10, 2008
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