What people who sucked at baseball when they were younger play during baseball season
by DylanS15 August 28, 2014
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A sport for the UN-athetically gifted. Not a real sport, a joke sport for the kids who can't play football and think they are hardcore
My waterboy in football was a lacrosse player. He couldn't even put the cups out right.

I made the C football team, so I tried lacrosse, now im hardcore and think im a badass.
by Thebossdude July 16, 2011
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Because you didn't play football
Jared: Ahhh YEAH i made it on the lax crew
Lou: You played football right
Jared: yeah but i wasnt played in games
Lou: ooooo thats why you play Lacrosse
by WOWOMGLAZERS January 30, 2011
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A spring sport for kids that cant hit a curve ball
Lacrosse. ..its like soccer and hockey had a baby
by Hardigan April 2, 2017
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A sport that is only played by white, privileged douchebags
Guy: "Hey man do you play any sports?
Douche: "Yea broski, lacrosse!"
Guy: "Wow, you're a real douche."
by jimmer346 June 14, 2015
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Full of dbags that hate on baseball all the time
Lax bro: baseball sucks, lacrosse for life
Lax bro 2: ya dude
by nick1100 June 1, 2012
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A stupid game which involves the combination of football, soccer, and hockey, except you use gay butterfly nets instead of hockey sticks.
Dave: I'm off to play baseball.
Lance: Lacrosse is cool, not baseball, Fag.
Dave: Okay, I'm a faggot for hitting a ball with a bat and talking strategy like a champion, and you're cool for playing with a butterfly net while jumping all over other men, sorry for not realizing that.
Lance: :O
Dave: No Lance, You will not be sucking my dick.
by BBJethro2440 August 15, 2011
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